FirstLook TV

Artwork for FirstLook TV

I started collaborating with the producers of FirstLook TV in 2014 when they asked me to create some artwork for their TV series “Inside the Mind of a Serial killer”: I drew quick sketches of criminals while being filmed.

Here are some screenshots of the programmes:

I continued to depict criminals for their next TV series in this genre, “Stalkers who kill” in 2015-2016: I was requested to change the facial expressions of the criminals to look gradually angrier. Here are some examples of faces with two to four stages of changed expressions:

I also enhanced some low-resolution images for this programme:

And here are some quick sketches I created for FirstLookTV’s ‘Jury Room’ series in 2017 :

Our next collaboration was “Nurses who kill” series for which I depicted both criminals and victims mostly using colour pastels this time:

My latest project was to draw criminals for “Inside the Mind of a Serial killer” series 2. This followed a similar setup than series 1, I drew while being filmed. The series will be available on Netflix soon. Images to follow.

It has been a pleasure to work with the same high-standard company over the few years and build a good working relationship with them. All the drawings produced are quick sketches, not polished portraits, as this level of finish works better for the programmes.