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Originally from Finland, I have lived in the UK for about 10 years. The first 6 years were spent working as a nurse, within different fields of nursing. I then studied Forensic Art (MSc) at the University Of Dundee, Scotland, and qualified in August 2010.

Forensic Art was a profession I had found fascinating for a number of years and in 2007, the University of Dundee introduced the only available degree course in this subject. This course has enabled me to develop my artistic skills and specialise in subjects related to facial identification.

I am open to all job opportunities in Forensic Art and interested in all the disciplines within the field, such as witness interviewing and facial composites, facial reconstruction, age progression, post mortem depiction, CCTV image comparison and craniofacial superimposition. Any research opportunities related to facial composites also interest me, having completed a dissertation in that subject.

More of my forensic art coursework can be requested to be seen, but some cannot be shown for ethical and legal purposes.

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