Welcome to Facial Depiction

I am a qualified Forensic Artist specialising in facial identification and depiction and currently involved in research in the field of investigative interviewing and facial composites. My interest lies in the fact that facial distinction can provide a lead for police investigations. The diversity of the human face inspires me, making each occasion that a piece of art is created both unique and fascinating.

Scientific illustration and archaeological projects are other fields I am involved in. I produced illustrations of the first facial transplant surgery carried out in Finland and worked closely with a leading plastic surgeon and another artist/anatomist on this. Another project was creating a facial reconstruction on an Iron Age skull from the west of Finland. I collaborated with anthropologists and archaeologists on this.

I also take commissions, for example portraits, old photo restoration and sculpting and have produced artwork for several media projects. My clients include CBBC, ITV, FirstLookTV and Radio Heart.

About me

Heidi Kuivaniemi-Smith
I was born in Finland and have lived in the UK since 2003.

Degree in Nursing 2002, Finland.
MSc Forensic Art 2010, University of Dundee, Scotland.
Part-time research studies, University of Central Lancashire.